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Communicating Ideas

I'm hoping to set out on a little bit of questing in the not too distant future, and as discussed, I hope to seek a suitable piece of material from which to craft an artifact that will aid the flow of Knowledge. I'd imagine it's going to be one of those "I'll know it when I find it" cases, but these are greatly helped by having some concept in mind, so I now invoke the wisdom of the party to point me in a direction.

To recap:
I have some idea of what the grail is to me, or at least, what it represents and/or is tied to. My ideas are too rambly to inflict on a group discussion, although they may precipitate out from time to time when they crystalise. The crux of the matter is that total knowledge or awareness seems to be the sought after state (the Salmon of Wisdom leapt up in connection to this). The Cook pointed out that this sort of thing depends on whether you consider enlightenment to be continual, or revelation-based. I'm inclined to believe that it's both: a continuous accumulation of seemingly unlinked perspectives, then a jolt that makes one see the big picture they're part of. And this has been largely my quest thus far: to have knowledge of the grail by knowing the Land.

To aquire this knowlege, however, I am sadly lacking in one talent - or, rather, I find myself at one end of a tradeoff of abilities that are both useful but mutually exclusive. Next to many members of the party, I'm a bit grounded in the... physical? Carnate? Corporeal? Although this grounding is vastly useful, and I would not trade it away, I do find I need to work quite hard to translate the world as the senses have it into something with the Subtext turned up.

And it's the concept of translation that's got me.
A feeling that there is something being spoken that I do not understand.
Or perhaps I do understand it, just am missing something as my grasp is not fluent. As if I'm hearing words spoken, but my fluency is not such that I can get what's really being said.
The Cook's talk of the Sixtystone's possible link to the formation of language got me thinking about language as a model for what Is, and now my mind drifts back to conversations with the Queen regarding different people's perceptions of reality itself being shaped by how their language expresses it.

The upshot of this is I am seeking an artifact of Language, and I would like to hear the thoughts of anyone who may have sudden ideas or questions that begin "Have you heard of...".

Going on the resources available to me, I'm not sure entirely of the relevance (to me) of a Sixtystone, seemingly linked as they are to the creation of matter. Perhaps on the quest they may well be relevant, however, due to their ties to the creation of living matter and, well, the fact that the fae have them (it? Is it unique?). If the Cook would care to elaborate on it's potential ties to language, or point me to elaborations, then that would be most welcome, as would any and all other thoughts.

When I have such an item, I may call it a Sixtystone anyway, as it's a cool name, and the image of a lump of rock with impressed powah is one I plan to cling to. ;)