Sangreal Sodality and General Update

Well I randomly stumbled across the site of the Sangreal Sodality the other day and admist their history they include a bit of a blurb about William G. Grey and the vision he had that started things off:

At last, after nearly a lifetime. I had seen the Sangreal as clearly as if it had appeared in physical form. It was indeed an actuality. The actuality of ourselves being blest by the best blood in our own veins. We ourselves were the Vessels which contained this priceless power. Everything in the old-time legends fitted in. Nowhere was the Grail known as a Cup, but specifically a Vessel, which could be a container of any kind. It was the principle of containment which was signified, and the Blood Royal was always considered as a very special inheritance handed down genetically from the earliest times to our days which was said to confer kingly characteristics on those who bore even the slightest trace of it.

- William G Grey, 1980

An interesting idea, and in 1980 I can see it being quite mind blowing in its implications. The only issue is that theres also the model of the Graal being a stone, which doesn't really suggest containment to me. Although in that case "the land" itself could be the container.

Anyway, I thought I'd post it and find out how we're doing after the last meeting, and the quests and work of the summer. Has the Red Knight managed to craft a suitable SixtyStone as a meditative focus? Did anyone learn the language of birds? Has anyone found the way to infinite love or given all their blood to the cup? Hows the Queen doing with her quest to befriend the local loci? How are we doing with local power sites?

Time for one last quest before we stow the gear for the winter?
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Questers - I will be attempting a crazy daytrip down to Shropshire and back on Saturday!

People who fancy Sally's quest, I have room for three of you! We will be leaving Lancaster probably around six am though you guys get to sleep in the car! I will be packing a picnic of sorts!
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Hello all.

Those wishing to go questing amongst the ragged beauty of the Stiperstones are welcome in my house on Friday (7th August). You're welcome to arrive any time Friday evening, questing is planned for Saturday day time, aiming to return to Lancaster by Saturday evening. There's no furniture left in the house, but there is enough bedding for three people as well as a sleeping bag and one camp bed. Anyone wanting to sleep on something more comfortable will have to provide for themselves I'm afraid. Directions to my house are here. It's number 10 and will probably have several to let signs outside. Directions to Stiperstones from my house are here.

Look forward to seeing people.
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Grails In Other Realms

So, having by accident been a silent observer at the last meeting, it seems like time to broadcast my own recent movements in the quest.

As you may or may not recall from my writings in other areas, I've been experiencing, for around two years, sporadic dream encounters with a woman I've been referring to with some literality as 'the girl of my dreams'. I've come to the conclusion that she represents either my Grail or a step toward it. So earmark her the role of 'Grail Maiden' for the time being.

When I first dreamed her face, I was, in the dream, seeking something and simultaneously running from something. It was an urbanscape, and I was travelling on foot as best I could through a lot of strange areas. I remember vividly dropping down from a wall into a sealed courtyard, boots on concrete and gravel, and seeing her turn to me, dark dress, auburn hair, and realising that at this point I was Safe. The dream ended there. 

A couple of weeks later I encountered her in Lancaster, but was unable to get to her to talk.

Since then, she's been harder to find, and in those dream encounters I've had with her I've been with friends of the Quest and without - driving through Cumbria with the strange dream-conviction of bounty hunting, in battle (or, more precisely, brawl) in Newcastle... If I encounter her 'alone' I never see her face, never experience that moment, but the dream ends nonetheless.

This morning I dreamed of her again, out in the wilds somewhere. I'm uncertain as to whether the world around us was warped or whether dream-logic affected my interpretations. Again, I and my companions were looking for something else; again, the dream ended with my encounter and with that moment.

Any ideas or thoughts?
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Communicating Ideas

I'm hoping to set out on a little bit of questing in the not too distant future, and as discussed, I hope to seek a suitable piece of material from which to craft an artifact that will aid the flow of Knowledge. I'd imagine it's going to be one of those "I'll know it when I find it" cases, but these are greatly helped by having some concept in mind, so I now invoke the wisdom of the party to point me in a direction.

To recap:
I have some idea of what the grail is to me, or at least, what it represents and/or is tied to. My ideas are too rambly to inflict on a group discussion, although they may precipitate out from time to time when they crystalise. The crux of the matter is that total knowledge or awareness seems to be the sought after state (the Salmon of Wisdom leapt up in connection to this). The Cook pointed out that this sort of thing depends on whether you consider enlightenment to be continual, or revelation-based. I'm inclined to believe that it's both: a continuous accumulation of seemingly unlinked perspectives, then a jolt that makes one see the big picture they're part of. And this has been largely my quest thus far: to have knowledge of the grail by knowing the Land.

To aquire this knowlege, however, I am sadly lacking in one talent - or, rather, I find myself at one end of a tradeoff of abilities that are both useful but mutually exclusive. Next to many members of the party, I'm a bit grounded in the... physical? Carnate? Corporeal? Although this grounding is vastly useful, and I would not trade it away, I do find I need to work quite hard to translate the world as the senses have it into something with the Subtext turned up.

And it's the concept of translation that's got me.
A feeling that there is something being spoken that I do not understand.
Or perhaps I do understand it, just am missing something as my grasp is not fluent. As if I'm hearing words spoken, but my fluency is not such that I can get what's really being said.
The Cook's talk of the Sixtystone's possible link to the formation of language got me thinking about language as a model for what Is, and now my mind drifts back to conversations with the Queen regarding different people's perceptions of reality itself being shaped by how their language expresses it.

The upshot of this is I am seeking an artifact of Language, and I would like to hear the thoughts of anyone who may have sudden ideas or questions that begin "Have you heard of...".

Going on the resources available to me, I'm not sure entirely of the relevance (to me) of a Sixtystone, seemingly linked as they are to the creation of matter. Perhaps on the quest they may well be relevant, however, due to their ties to the creation of living matter and, well, the fact that the fae have them (it? Is it unique?). If the Cook would care to elaborate on it's potential ties to language, or point me to elaborations, then that would be most welcome, as would any and all other thoughts.

When I have such an item, I may call it a Sixtystone anyway, as it's a cool name, and the image of a lump of rock with impressed powah is one I plan to cling to. ;)
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Sir Darius, The Red Knight, The Wandering Knight, The Web Knight and The Bard approached from between the trees, come out across the grass and enter the hall, it's high thatched roof, it's opened wooden door and wattle and daub walls. Cross the floor, wooden and polished for dancing, cross the hall to where the Queen sits, at the head of the great wooden table, beneath the portrait of a lady in blue next to the stove at which the Cook toiled.

The Meeting In The Queen's HallCollapse )
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There will be a gathering of the quest in the Hall of the Witch Queen (via IM) on Sunday at 3pm.
There we will welcome a new Knight and a Bard to our quest.

I expect tales of all our latest adventures on this quest.